Portola Drive is a street in Rockford Hills, Los Santos that appears in Grand Theft Auto V.


From north to south, it begins at West Eclipse Boulevard, running parallel to Mad Wayne Thunder Drive ending at the intersection with Dorset Drive, where it becomes Palomino Avenue.

The street also has connections to Edwood Way, Spanish Avenue, Caesars Place, Boulevard Del Perro, South Boulevard Del Perro, Eastbourne Way and Carcer Way.


Portola Drive is a popular shopping area and tourist attraction in Los Santos and much like the rest of the neighborhood, it is known for its high-end, and expensive atmosphere where many celebrities hang about in their leisure time. The southern stretch of Portola Drive also includes a pedestrian-only alleyway known as Little Portola near the intersection with Eastbourne Way, based on the world famous Two Rodeo Drive. On the other hand, the northern stretch is primarily residential.


It is based on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

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  • The name is probably a reference to Gaspar de Portolà, a Spanish explorer from Catalonia that was governor of California in the 18th Century and this is corroborated by the plaque at the start of Little Portola marked with 1759.
    • There is a Portola Drive in San Francisco, also named after Gaspar de Portolà.
  • A Truffade Adder, based on the Bugatti Veyron, can sometimes be found parked against the sidewalk outside Sessanta Nove. If not there, simply drive around the block or so, drive back and it should be parked there. The Adder is a reference to the Bugatti Veyron Bijan Pakzad edition parked on the same spot on real-life Rodeo Drive.
  • Portola Drive's horse statue, entitled Faswan (top right), is based on the statue 'Torso'. It is stated to be sculptured by Robert Cholla, a parody of the real-life statue's sculptor, Robert Graham.
  • According to the Vinewood Star Tours, a lot of Vinewood movies were filmed on Portola Drive, most of them horrible ones. One of these movies was "Shoe Whore", a movie from 2005, that took the credit of reverting woman rights 50 years in history.
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