Portland View in GTA III, as seen to the north.

Portland View is a district in Portland, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and briefly in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It borders Saint Mark's to the north, Trenton to the south, Portland Harbor to the east and Chinatown to the west.


Portland View is a mixed-used district that houses the island's civic services, as well as residential and commercial establishments and greenery. Portland Island's LCPD police station and hospital, Sweeney General Hospital, are both located in the center of the district, wedged between commercial and residential buildings to the west, and an undeveloped, hilly plain and a supermarket to the east (Supa Save! in GTA III, and Fidl in GTA Liberty City Stories). A disused tunnel leading to Harwood is situated behind the supermarket.

In 1998, the setting of GTA Liberty City Stories, Mickey Hamfists resides in the district.



  • The building models of the police station and hospital are reused in the games' Shoreside Vale counterparts (the LCPD police station and Hope Medical College in Pike Creek). However, the Hope Medical College building is significantly extended in height.
  • In GTA III, the police dispatch refers to this district as "Portland Street", while in GTA Advance, the police dispatch prefer to refer this district as "Portland Bay".
  • The official Grand Theft Auto III website suggests that Portland View was not originally it's own district. Some mock police records mention the Portland LCPD station, and Baillie Station to be in Trenton, suggesting that Portland View was added very late in development.
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