For the safehouse in GTA III, see Portland Safehouse (GTA III) and for the safehouse in GTA Liberty City Stories, see Portland Safehouse (GTA Liberty City Stories).

The Portland Safehouse is a safehouse featured in Grand Theft Auto Advance rendition of Liberty City.


Standing in front of the safehouse on the blue circle will bring up the options of restocking ammunition and saving the game. Although there is a garage, the player cannot save vehicles.

After completing at least 50 of thee 100 taxi fares in the Taxi Driver sidemission, a Borgnine will spawn at the hideout.

Events of GTA Advance

Mike has decided to leave Liberty City with his best friend Vinnie. Vinnie and Mike are close to having enough money to leave Liberty City, but need to do one last job. Vinnie has a meeting with the Mafia, likely the Leone Family, and has Mike drive him to Momma's Restaurante in Saint Mark's. When they arrive, Vinnie goes into the meeting and asks Mike to return to their hideout to make sure they're not being watched.

Shortly after, Vinnie informs Mike that the mafia have agreed to help them leave Liberty City. However, they need a fast car and one is waiting to be taken in Atlantic Quays. Mike drives to the car's location, kills an attendant and drives to the Pay 'n' Spray in Portland Harbor, to lose any interest from the police. Mike takes the Banshee back to the hideout.

Mike drives to Chinatown looking for Vinnie, so the two can finally leave Liberty City. He is then paged by Vinnie, saying that there is a change of plans and to meet him at the Greasy Joe's restaurant in Callahan Point. Mike drives to restaurant where he sees Vinnie's car explode. The police arrive, having been informed about the explosion, and Mike decides to lose the police attention and return to his hideout. However, he is paged by 8-Ball, who informs Mike that the police are at his hideout and says that Mike should come to his home after he loses the police.

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  • If one was to compare the GTA Advance map with the GTA III map, one may notice that Mike's safehouse is in the same area and street of the Claude's Portland Safehouse.

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