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The Portland Police Station (also known as Trenton Police Department[1] or Trenton Police Precinct[2]) is one of the three Liberty City Police Department police stations in Liberty City.


Located at 241 Portland Boulevard in the district of Portland View in the island of Portland, Liberty City, the Portland Police Department is the only police department in the whole of Portland, serving as the only respawn point for players who have been arrested either within Portland, or in Staunton or Shoreside Vale before they are unlocked. The main building itself is designed with an older police precinct-like appearance, and is identical to the main building of the Shoreside Vale Police Station.

The police station spawns several vehicles in the games it appears in. In GTA III, two "Police" cars will normally appear in front of the station, occasionally locked. In GTA Liberty City Stories, three police cars spawn in the same area. The station is otherwise unremarkable, having no accessible interior or additional pickups. The police station neighbors Sweeney General Hospital, Portland's only hospital.

Early pre-release screenshots of GTA III hint of a completely different design of the Portland police department, being depicted as a smaller, brown, double-storey structure.


The building is based on the Midtown North (18th) Precinct NYPD station located at 306 West 54th Street in Manhattan, New York City.



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