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Portland Beach is a rocky beach and district of Portland, Liberty City, the only one of its kind in the city, as much of the city's coastlines are taken up by seawalls.


The Portland Beach area was created to look like the beachy areas in and around New York, such as Coney Island and Fire Island, which are near the shores of Staten Island and Long Island, respectively. Located at the the eastern coast of the Portland Island next to Saint Mark's and Portland Harbor, the beach is a relatively lifeless district with close to no activity (as pedestrians never spawn in the district) or structures, featuring a vast sandy coastline overlooked by a massive cliff that supports the eastern end of Saint Mark's, as well as an arched rock formation that serves as a distinctive feature of the district; Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club and home is located at an adjoining clifftop.

While the cliff face fronting the beach is usually too steep for any road vehicle to drive up, much of its steep inclines must be traversed during "Patriot Playground", taking advantage of the Patriot's excellent off-road and hill climbing abilities.

Portland Rock, a rocky island that serves as the base of Liberty City's only lighthouse, is part of Portland Beach.

Panorama of Portland Beach in GTA III. Portland Rock is visible to the right.

Stationary Vehicles

In Grand Theft Auto III, a Bobcat is spawned in the middle of the beach's length whilst a BF Injection is located in roughly the same area in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.