Port Tudor is a seaport in the State of Alderney. It is located in Southern Alderney, bordered by Hardtack Avenue & Fulcrum Avenue in the west (Acter & Tudor), the West River in the east (Westminster & The Meat Quarter in Algonquin, Liberty City), Grommet Street in the South (Acter Industrial Park), and Normandy in the north.


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Refining Our Nation

Port Tudor, along with Normandy, serves as Alderney's harbor/seaport city. It is used as the central port area of Alderney, where cranes offload cargo and load it onto cargo ships. Port Tudor makes up most of Alderney's Harbor, contains most of it's industrial offices, warehouses, docks, and cargo cranes.

As seen in The Lost and Damned, Port Tudor is a popular racing circuit, frequently used by The Lost, the Angels of Death and the Uptown Riders.

Points of interest


Port Tudor is based on the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal, one of the most popular seaports in the world, which spreads along the coast of Newark & Elizabeth, New Jersey.



The list of streets that runs through Port Tudor are:


  • Phil Bell manages the construction yards here in Port Tudor.
  • Elizabethan architecture and Tudor architecture both refer to the same style, so Port Tudor's name may be a reference to the Elizabeth portion of the port it is based upon.
  • There is a blue shipping container by Phil Bell's office, which the player can access through a glitch by mantling over the fence nearby it. As the shipping container is supposed to be solid, cops will be unable to wound the player inside, although the player can outwardly shoot at them.


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