Popular Street is a major north-south street in Grand Theft Auto V located in East Los Santos.


The street runs from Hawick Avenue, Hawick in the north to Buccaneer Way, Terminal in the south. From north to south, the street passes through the areas of Hawick, La Mesa, Cypress Flats and ends just before Terminal. The avenue runs parallel to the Los Santos River.

Notable locations on Popular Street include the La Mesa Police Station, two Ammu-Nation stores, Darnell Bros. and the Pisswasser Factory. It is one of the main streets within the industrial area of Los Santos and serves as a major backbone to the areas of La Mesa and Cypress Flats. Popular Street is partially based on Alameda Street, in Los Angeles.


From north to south, Popular Street has the following intersections:

Location Type Road Direction Images(s) Notes
Hawick Road begin Hawick Avenue Above the Mirror Park Rail Yard shelters.
La Mesa Road tunnel Del Perro Freeway
La Mesa Road crossing Supply Street Intersection corners for Casey's Diner
La Mesa Road tunnel San Andreas Avenue Bridge Nearby 744 Popular Street, Otto's Auto Parts, the Big G Goods Warehouse and Darnell Bros.
La Mesa Road crossing Vespucci Boulevard Intersection corners for RON gas station, Darnell Bros., National Transfer & Storage Co. and entrance to Los Santos Customs.
La Mesa Road crossing Supply Street Intersection corners for Liquor Market.
La Mesa Road crossing Olympic Freeway Off-ramp and on-ramp for west-bound traffic.
La Mesa Road tunnel/Road crossing Olympic Freeway Under-passage intersection entrance to The Secure Unit storage facility complex.
La Mesa Road crossing Olympic Freeway Off-ramp and on-ramp for east-bound traffic. Intersection corners for La Mesa Police Station and Soyler Textile.
La Mesa Road crossing Capital Boulevard Intersection corners for Los Santos Bag Co. and La Mesa Police Station.
La Mesa/Cypress Flats border Road crossing Innocence Boulevard Intersection corners for Fridgit Processing Unit and Pisswasser Factory.
Cypress Flats Road crossing Dutch London Street/El Rancho Boulevard. Intersection corners for Pisswasser Factory and Ammu-Nation.
Cypress Flats Road crossing Dry Dock Street. Intersection corners for Ammu-Nation and CMC factory.
Cypress Flats Road end Hanger Way/Chum Street/Buccaneer Way Intersection corners for CMC factory and Cypress Warehouses.

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