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A chain of luxury clothing and accessories stores catering to the kind of elite consumer for whom price, humility and world poverty are no object.
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Ponsonbys is a high-class clothing brand featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The player can buy shares of the company on the Bawsaq exchange index in GTA V.


The brand was first seen in the GTA V Gameplay Trailer. Non Stop Pop FM is played inside the store.

If the player walks into Ponsonbys wearing the Epsilon Robes, the cashier will greet them by saying "Kifflom!", indicating she is a member of the Epsilon Program.

The shops are accessible to the player, and several expensive clothing items can be bought from the stores.



Its name is a play on "ponce", a term for an effeminate man. Based on its logo, name, selling of perfumes and fragrances, and similar store designs, Ponsonbys is likely based on French fashion house Givenchy.

The Portola Drive store is a replica of a building that was at 320 North Rodeo Drive which was occupied by a David Orgell jewelry store but it was demolished in 2010 [1]. A Valentino store with a completely different design replaced it in 2011.

Prominent Appearances in Missions[]

Grand Theft Auto V[]


Although Ponsonbys' visible stock indicates they sell suits and more sophisticated clothing, each of the four protagonists have a different selection of items they can choose from in store.

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

In GTA Online, all clothing is available in every other clothing shop, so there is no set Ponsonbys catalog.

Grand Theft Auto V[]

Main article: Ponsonbys/GTA V

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Michael De Santa can buy a suit similar to the Mr. Vercetti outfit from GTA Vice City. Franklin is the only protagonist who can purchase neckties in this store.


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