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Ping! is a fast food restaurant in Grand Theft Auto V. It was meant to originally appear first in Grand Theft Auto IV, but was removed from the game during development.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, Niko would be able to go inside and order food. It is unknown why this restaurant was removed from the game before its release. Scripted speech for the restaurant's employees can be found in the game's audio files alongside Burger Shot and other fast food restaurants' audio files.[1] The employees are two females and two males; a black male, white male, white female and hispanic female, all of which voice employees for other restaurants such as Burger Shot and Cluckin' Bell, including several other restaurants whose functionality to the player was cut, such as the Rockstar Cafe, Fanny Crab's and The Well Stacked Pizza Co..

The logo and an advertisement for Ping! can be found on the portfolio of a lead graphic designer for GTA IV; Steven Walsh's GTA IV portfolio page. These designs were eventually used in Grand Theft Auto V.

Ping! can be seen in GTA V advertised by LTD filling stations, suggesting Ping! food is served at LTD convenience stores. There is also a Ping! resturant connected to the RON gas station on Route 68 in Lago Zancudo.


The following audio lines are found within the restaurant employee audio files:

Female Young Hispanic
  • Bye, thanks for coming.
  • Goodbye.
  • Hi, welcome to Ping! We heat it, you eat it.
  • Hello, welcome to Ping! Where we heat it and you eat it. What do you want?
Female Young White
  • Please come back! I'm so lonely.
  • Bye, thanks for pinging me!
  • Welcome to Ping, the fastest sandwich!
  • Hi, can I ping you?
Male Young Black
  • Hope you enjoyed your microwaved food!
  • Come back again!
  • How about some ping, food, fast?
  • Welcome to ping, dog!
Male Young White
  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ping! You're done!
  • Thanks for pinging me! LOL
  • Ready for some super nuke food?
  • Welcome to ping! What can I nuke today?



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