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The Pillbox Hill Medical Center is a general hospital in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, located in Pillbox Hill, Los SantosSan Andreas.


The Pillbox Hill Medical Center is the main hospital serving Central Los Santos. It is a 10-story brick building with two main entrances, on Elgin Avenue and Strawberry Avenue. Whenever the player respawns after being wasted near the hospital, they'll always reappear at the lower highway entrance on Strawberry Avenue.

According to signage, it has departments of Cardio-Thoracics, Medical Physics, Urology, Radiology, Ultrasound and Endoscopy, as well as operating and emergency rooms and a chapel.[1] The hospital's logo appears as a heart on a red background, with what appears to be a blood drip coming from it. The logo text appears to use the Adobe Devanagari font.

The building has an inaccessible interior which can be seen when outside the building. The interior consists of a small section of corridor seen from the southern entrance, and a larger section of interior can be seen from the top entrance. An alternative, heavily damaged counterpart of the top floor interior is used during Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli. It can be accessed during and shortly after the mission but will be boarded up if the player leaves the area and returns.

Between 18:00 pm and 05:00 am, an Ambulance may be seen responding, driving out of the southern parking lot south onto Strawberry Avenue.[2] Between 15:00 pm and 18:00 pm, an Ambulance may be seen responding, driving out of the northern entrance north onto Elgin Avenue.[3] Parked ambulances can be found at the northern entrance[4], and up to two in the southern parking lot.[5] Armed security guards guard the main entrances throughout the day.


It appears to be based on the California Hospital Medical Center on S Grand Avenue, Los Angeles.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

During Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli, Al Di Napoli's drives his Dubsta through the hospital from Swiss Street, driving through the main entrance and a ward before driving out of the other side, crashing to the ground at Strawberry Avenue.



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