Hidden Package on Roof

The Hidden Package on the East Roof.

Located behind the Shoreside Vale Police Station, the Pike Creek LCPD Compound is a small yard of garages in Pike Creek just behind the police station appearing in the 3D Universe rendition of Liberty City. Access to it is by going around the back of the police station, and following a small ramp downwards.


Grand Theft Auto III

In Grand Theft Auto III, many weapons and protection units are found in the many garages. In one garage, flamethrowers and molotovs can be purchased. The Flamethrower costs $25,000, and the molotovs cost $2,000. On the other side of the compound, armor and health pickups are found. In the south east corner there is a Unique stunt jump. Also there is a Hidden Package located on one of the roofs.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, there is only one weapon in Hangar No.7 and one Hidden Package in Hangar No.2. The Unique Stunt Jump doesn't exist anymore in the Compound.

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