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Not to be confused with Boars or Patrol Invest Group.

Pigs are domestic animals featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The pigs featured in the game are average domesticated pigs. They can usually be found in small rural towns and farms. 

There are three different kinds of pigs that spawn. The first type has a pink body, the second type has a pink body with black spots, and the third type has a black body.


Pigs are passive animals and will not attack the player or any NPC when provoked. They cannot be found in the wild, but can be seen in rural areas, usually confined to a small yard or lot. Pigs will flee if harmed by the player. They can commonly be heard making grunting and squealing noises, and if harmed or killed, they will utter a high-pitched squeal to signal that they are in distress.




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