Pierre La Ponce is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. His name is not explicitly mentioned in the game, but is seen on GTA Vice City's official website.


Pierre La Ponce is a stereotypically-dressed Frenchman. He was a GIGN agent hired by Juan Cortez to steal guidance chips used in French missile technology. Cortez sends Tommy Vercetti to retrieve the chips from Pierre; the deal, however, is ambushed by the GIGN, and Pierre escapes with the guidance chips. Tommy chases Pierre down and kills him to retrieve the chips.

The name Pierre La Ponce could be a reference to the French words "Pierre ponce", which means "Pumice stone", though it is likely a reference to Ponce, an outdated British slang term for a posh or effeminate person.

VCBI Crime Tree Record


French Secret Service Agent. Possibly involved in selling military hardware and secrets.

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GTA Vice City


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