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This article is about the vehicle in GTA and GTA 2. For the floating collectibles, see Pickups, or for the pickup trucks in the GTA series, see Category:Pickup Trucks.

The Pickup is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2.


Grand Theft Auto

The Pickup is, as its name implies, a generic pickup truck with room for two occupants. The Pickup in Grand Theft Auto will appear in two variants: the Liberty City variant that resembles a 1940s Ford/Chevrolet truck and a Vice City/San Andreas variant that resembles a 1980's Ford F-150.

Grand Theft Auto 2

In Grand Theft Auto 2, it is used by the Redneck gang in Anywhere City as a gang car. It has some styling cues from the Liberty City Pickup from the first Grand Theft Auto, except that is slightly modernized. This model slightly resembles a 1956 Ford F100.

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2D Universe

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Notable Owners

  • Dirk drives a unique turquoise Pickup in Grand Theft Auto 2.


Grand Theft Auto

  • The first version appears only in Liberty City. It is featured in two missions. During mission Heist Almighty - Phone 3, the protagonist has to steal a Pickup of Sonetti's Gang, which turns out to be fitted with explosives; having the bomb disarmed and delivered to Seymour Reamer, he refuses to take the vehicle, so the player has to take it to Crazy Bob's garage, where it is fitted with bomb again, and take it to blow up Seymour Reamer's place. In the vehicle mission Heist Almighty - 4 x 4, the protagonist has to deliver two Pickups to the Brix docks.
  • The second version appears in San Andreas and Vice City. It is featured in two missions. In Mandarin Mayhem - Phone 2: Mission 1, one of the restaurant owners, Ho Ching is waiting for the player next to his Pickup, holding a briefcase with the protection money. During mission Bent Cop Blues - Phone 14, the protagonist has to deliver a Pickup containing a dead body to another part of the city, and blow it up along with some more vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto 2


Grand Theft Auto 2


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