Phonebox 9 Part 2 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 level 4, Dead Certainty, given to the Protagonist by the London Mob. It is available immediately after completing Phonebox 9 Part 1.

This is the only mission in both London 1969 and London 1961 to have police officers as enemies, no manner the wanted level the player has. However, it's not necessary to confront them.


Immediately after stealing and testing some vehicles for a big job, the protagonist will be told to go and answer the phonebox in southwest City. Answering the phonebox, the protagonist will be told by Albert Crisp to go to Trafalgar Square in central Soho and disable the security cameras by placing "scramblers" next to them. The protagonist will have 75 seconds to disable the three cameras covering the roads into the Square (there is an orange Crapi parked next to the phonebox which can be used). After the cameras have been disabled, Albert tells the protagonist to pick up the Rocket Launcher just next to the Square (towards the western side) and use it to blow up the Golden Tank which will appear on the road. Once the tank is destroyed, Albert tells the protagonist to pick up the "goods" located in the centre of the Square, get in the red Myni parked near the southern entrance. After entering the car, four police roadblocks will appear around the Square as an attempt to prevent the protagonist of escape. The player must head to the garage in southwest Bow to complete the mission.


The player is awarded 4,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

Video Strategy

GTA London 1969 Mission 30 - Phone in Southwest City

GTA London 1969 Mission 30 - Phone in Southwest City