Phonebox 4 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 level 2, Mods and Sods, given to the Protagonist by the London Mob. It is available from the third phone in southwest City.


The mission begins with the protagonist being told that the Mob have placed a huge bet on a football game and they never lose these types of bets. In order to ensure a win, the protagonist must first head down to central Brixton and pick up the Rocket Launcher. After collecting it, the protagonist must then track down and intercept a Coach belonging to the Rangers football team driving around in south Camberwell and then blow it up. Once the coach is destroyed the Mob will arrange for the team to take taxis instead, so the protagonist will have to go and fetch the London Cab parked in southeast Camberwell and then go and pick up the two midfielders in south Bermondsey. After collecting them, the protagonist will have to take them to Honest Ray's Auto Garage in west Brixton to complete the mission.


The plaer will be awarded 2,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

Video Strategy

GTA London 1969 Mission 4 - Phone 3 in Southwest City

GTA London 1969 Mission 4 - Phone 3 in Southwest City