Phonebox 11 Part 2 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 level 4, Dead Certainty, given to the Protagonist by the London Mob. It is available immediately after completing Phonebox 11 Part 1.


Immediately after dealing with a useless football team and scaring off a number of hooligans, the protagonist will be informed that Albert Crisp is convinced that Harold Cartwright has stolen some of his personal supply of drugs and has now disappeared. In order to find out where Harold is, the protagonist has to go and meet Cyprus Phil in northeast City. Phil will deny knowing where Harold is, however, and Albert himself will order the protagonist to kill him. After killing Phil, Albert will tell the protagonist to go and find Harold's sister Beryl in central Soho and talk to her. She will deny knowing where Harold is too and Albert will angrily tell the protagonist to kill her as well. Once Beryl is dead, the protagonist will be told that Archie Crisp has found out that Harold is trying to leave London in the back of his mate's green Myni, which will be driving around in south Hyde Park. After blowing up the car and killing Harold, the protagonist will need to go and fetch his car which is parked behind his flat in east City as Albert assumes the drugs are hidden in it. The car needs to be taken back to the garage in east Mile End where it is discovered that there were no drugs in the car or in Harold's flat, which means he did not steal them after all. Albert does not care however as Harold "was a useless prat anyway".


The player is awarded 4,750 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

Video Strategy

GTA London 1969 Mission 34 - Phone 3 in West Angel 2

GTA London 1969 Mission 34 - Phone 3 in West Angel 2