Phone 24-Part 2 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 4, Tequila Slammer, given to the Protagonist by El Burro. It begins immediately after completing Phone 24-Part 1.


Immediately after acquiring various emergency vehicles to be used in a disaster movie, the protagonist is told to go to west Sunview and check out an orange Speeder which is said to contain some interesting merchandise. This turns out to be a trap set by Bryson, who has a score to settle with the protagonist and tells them that the car is rigged with explosives which will detonate if they attempt to get out. Firstly, he gives them 2 minutes to get to east Soviet Hill. Once there, he explains that he has scrambled a number of his more "experienced" customers to the protagonist's location, who can either take their chances or switch to the red Itali GTO which Bryson has left parked there. Upon switching cars, the protagonist will have another 2 minutes to get to northeast Sailor's Wharf before the car explodes. Once there, the protagonist will have to switch to the light red 4x4 before Bryson's men arrive and again has 2 minutes to get to a red Mamba parked in south Atlantic Heights. This time, Bryson gives the protagonist 2 minutes to get back to north Sailor's Wharf where he will be waiting for them. After arriving, Bryson runs off saying that the protagonist has to kill him before he reaches the bomb's trigger in Sunview in order to survive. Bryson must be killed to complete the mission. He will try to get to the bridge at the edge of the bay bank and the piers – it is much safer for him, because he can be killed only by running over him, since the player cannot get out of the car till the end of the mission. Being locked in the Mamba poses another threat: the henchmen from Soviet Hill chase the protagonist all along the mission, and if he is not quick enough in killing Bryson, they will blow up the car with no chance of escape.


The player is awarded 45,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.


Although in the first three cases Bryson says that the player has one minute to get to the destination, there is a two-minute limit in each case.

Video Strategy

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