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Phone 13-Part 2 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 3, Mandarin Mayhem, given to the Protagonist by Uncle Fu. It begins immediately after completing Phone 13-Part 1.


Immediately after delivering an attitude adjustment to the police by blowing up a number of Police Cars at a diner, the protagonist will be contacted by a man named Bryson who has a proposition. The protagonist is instructed to go and pick up a briefcase of money in northwest Glen Wood. Upon retrieving the case, however, Bryson reveals it actually contains C4 explosives and has a dead man's switch attached to the handle; which means the device will detonate should the protagonist let go of the switch. Bryson tells the protagonist not to drop the case and gives them 80 seconds to get to a payphone in south Marina. Bryson tells the protagonist to get into the nearby light red Bug and drive to another payphone in east Woodside, all within a time limit of 100 seconds. After answering the phone, Bryson then gives the protagonist 30 seconds to get to another payphone in north Woodside, telling them to go on foot. Answering the phone, the protagonist is told to take the nearby light red 4x4 (similar to the one provided at the start of the level) and drive to the payphone in southeast Soviet Hill in 60 seconds (although the dialogue says Aye Valley). After answering the phone, Bryson deactivates the bomb but sends a number of his clients to the protagonist's position: last man standing keeps the money. The protagonist needs to kill Bryson's four armed clients to complete the mission.


The player is awarded 50,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

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