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That gang place is a fortress at ground level, so Quentin here - Quentin! QUENTIN! He'll fly you over the area! Eradicate them!
Ricardo Diaz
Tommy Vercetti: "What are you doing here?"
Lance Vance: "Hey, I've been asking around, and it's obvious that Diaz jumped the deal and iced my brother."
Tommy Vercetti: "And he'll kill you too!"
Lance Vance: "I can take Diaz!"
Tommy Vercetti: "No, listen to me! I'll handle Diaz; he's beginning to trust me."
Lance tells Tommy that he has been doing some research and he found out that Diaz was responsible for the ambush.

Phnom Penh '86 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by drug baron Ricardo Diaz from his mansion on Starfish Island, Vice City.


Diaz is aggrieved with some Streetwannabe's gangsters who are trying to defraud him. He orders Tommy to go to Prawn Island and kill them. He wants Tommy to fly there, using the help of his associate, Lance Vance.

Tommy and Lance travel to Prawn Island via helicopter from the mansion. Once they arrive, Tommy uses the M60 to kill several groups of gang members on the mansion roofs. Eventually, Lance drops him on the ground to retrieve the money in the building. Tommy enters the eastern mansion and fights his way through, killing several gang members and eventually making his way up to the roof where he collects the money. Lance reappears to collect Tommy and they fly back to Diaz's mansion.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

Post mission phone call

Colonel Juan Cortez: Tommy, it's me, Colonel Cortez. Look señor, I believe you are a man who can get things done. So please help me. You can find me at the boat.


The reward for this mission is $2,000 and the missions Sir, Yes Sir!, Two Bit Hit, and The Fastest Boat are unlocked. Furthermore, the hurricane warning for Vice City is lifted, re-opening the bridges and allowing the player to access the Mainland.


Ricardo Diaz is in his mansion, listening to a phone call that upsets him.
Diaz: What kind of incompetent fool are you?! FOOL! FOOL! FOOL! FOOL!
Diaz angrily throws his phone on the floor, then sees Tommy Vercetti.
Diaz: Tommy!
Tommy: What, Ricardo?
Diaz: These idiots, they're always trying to screw you. That's the problem with this business. What do you think you're doing?!
Diaz throws a vase at someone offscreen.
Diaz: These pricks have failed me miserably, soon any mom and pop will think they can sell gallo in Vice City! What next, huh? The stinking Mafia?! That gang place is a fortress at ground level, so Quentin here - Quentin! QUENTIN!
Lance Vance enters the scene.
Diaz: He'll fly you over the area! Eradicate them! What do you think you're doing?!
As Diaz goes to yell at someone else, Lance escorts Tommy to the helipad on the mansion's roof.
Tommy: What are you doing here?
Lance: Hey, I've been asking around, and it's obvious that Diaz jumped the deal and iced my brother.
Tommy: And he'll kill you too!
Lance: I can take Diaz!
Tommy: No, listen to me! I'll handle Diaz; he's beginning to trust me.
Lance and Tommy get into the Maverick and take off, heading towards Prawn Island. Lance is flying, while Tommy is armed with an M60 machine gun.
Tommy: One thing's puzzling me: what's with Quentin?
Lance: I dunno, I always kinda liked it - Quentin Vance!
Tommy: Vance? Your name's Lance Vance?
Lance: Hey, I got enough of that in school!
Tommy: Lance Vance, poor bastard. Where the hell are we headed, anyway?
Lance: Prawn Island. You ever fired one of those from a whirly?
Tommy: No, I'll get a bit of practice on the way, though!
Lance: Okay, we're almost there. We'll make a couple of passes, so take out as many guns as you can, then I'll set you down and you're on your way.
Lance and Tommy reach Prawn Island, by which point, the Streetwannabe's attack the helicopter from the mansion rooftops and balconies. As Tommy fires at the Streetwannabe's members, Lance says these lines.
  • Damn, this is a war zone! Take out some of those gunmen!
  • We're taking hits here, man!
  • This thing ain't cheap to fix! Take them out!
Lance and Tommy eventually come across the dealer that backstabbed Diaz.
Streetwannabe's Leader: You're on my turf, asshole! You're going down!
Tommy takes out the Streetwannabe's members on the rooftops.
Lance: Okay, you're on your own from here! Good luck, brother!
Tommy drops from Lance's helicopter and goes inside the abandoned mansion to finish off the remaining Streetwannabe's members that stand in his way, then picks up the briefcase on the roof. At this point, Lance returns to pick Tommy up and drops him off back at Diaz's mansion.


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  • The name of the mission is a reference to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, which was used as a base by the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. Other references to the Vietnam War include the use of the M60, a weapon equipped on the UH-1 Huey which was used during the Vietnam War.
  • On the way to the helicopter, Lance reveals he is already aware that Diaz was responsible for the drug deal ambush and his brother's death. Tommy warns him not to take out Diaz on his own, yet Lance's reply would foreshadow him attempting to do so anyway; he would get himself captured and tortured nearly to death.
  • When the Maverick passes under the Links Bridge, if the player looks to the rear, a Spand Express worker can be spotted jumping off the bridge into the water below. The camera must be pointed behind the helicopter to see this.
  • The Maverick seen in the cutscene before the mission is orange-colored and has slide rear doors, similar to Police controlled Police Mavericks, but once the mission starts, the helicopter reverts to a normal, swing door, red-colored Maverick.
  • While flying to Prawn Island, a Sparrow and a Sea Sparrow can be seen flying away from it. This is the only time in the game where a Sea Sparrow is controlled by an NPC.
  • Despite not being visible until Diaz calls him over, Lance is fully animated during the part of the intro cutscene when Diaz is talking to Tommy and also reacts appropriately when Diaz throws the vase out of frustration.