Phillip Michaels is, in 1992, the DJ of the CSR 103.9 radio station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is voiced by Michael Bivins.

He is an extremely self-obsessed character who believes that he is the next big star, despite his entertainment career having very limited success. He mentions once in his radio station that he auditioned for the television program My Five Uncles, and failed. Michaels also exhibits a degree of sexism, often treating women as no more than items. He mentions that he has an upcoming role in a Cluckin' Bell commercial. Before the song "Motownphilly" Michaels mentions that he misses "Philly" showing that he originally came from Philadelphia, and likely came to San Andreas to become the next "big thing". At one point while criticizing rappers for sampling beats Michaels admits to using Inversion Therapy. In Grand Theft Auto V, he has a star dedicated to him on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.

Philip Michaels' voice actor, Michael Bivins, was a prominent member of the boy band New Edition, its branchoff group Boyz II Men - all groups and singers that make up the majority of CSR 103.9's playlist. Philip Michaels (Bivins in character) says he was almost in Bell Biv DeVoe, but was kicked out because he wanted to name the band only after himself.


  • To date, Michaels is the only character to appear in the entire series that is from another non-fictional US city and to mention it by name rather than just State or region.

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