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The Philippines is an archipelago country in Southeast Asia, located south of Taiwan and north of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Its national language is Filipino, which is also one of its official languages along with English. The country does not have any localized game rating system making it use the American ESRB ratings by default, and games are also released on the same day as the US.

It is mentioned at least twice in the entire GTA series. Filipino words are also referenced.

Grand Theft Auto world

3D Universe

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

  • Several pedestrians may say "Manila or Bangkok?", referring to the capital cities of the Philippines and Thailand, respectively.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

  • Lance Vance says "I'm the black killa from Manila". The Manila he is referring to is Manila, the country's capital.

HD Universe

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Michael Graves, a governatorial candidate, allegedly spent $400,000 of senatorial campaign funds on a vacation home in the Philippines.


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