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Are you selling me Cocaine, Mr Philips?
— Phil to Trevor Philips in Series A Funding.

Phil is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Heists Update.


Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

Trevor Philips: "You're a fucking narc!"
Phil: "Y-you're...under... You are under arrest for tresspass—"
Trevor Philips: "For fuck's sakes!"
—Trevor Philips discovers Phil's true identity, followed by Phil attempting to arrest him

Phil is a DOA narcotics agent who appears in the final cutscene of the Series A Funding heist. He is involved in a sting operation where he sets up a drug deal with Trevor. During the operation, he appears to be nervous and skittish. Phil attempts to relate to Trevor as a criminal, albeit not convincingly.

Phil tries to arrest Trevor when the latter discovers the former's undercover status, but Trevor narrowly manages to escape by jumping off of a cliff into the ocean when several more DOA officers appear to back Phil up. As Trevor swims away, Phil and the other officers shoot at the water in an attempt to kill Trevor, but are unsuccessful.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto Online


  • It is likely that Phil's encounter with Trevor was meant to be a reference to the Grand Theft Auto IV mission, Blow Your Cover, and the The Lost and Damned mission, Buyer's Market, where a drug deal involving a seemingly skittish undercover officer results in a shootout.
    • Phil shares many similarities with the undercover agent featured in these missions, named Charlie:
      • Both are undercover agents.
      • Both are involved with drug activity.
      • Both act very nervous and suspicious in the set up.
      • Both are caught by the protagonists, which ends in a shootout.
  • His potentially undertrained nature is shown when he drops his firearm during the attempted apprehension of Trevor.
    • This may imply that he is new to the DOA.
  • During the Series A - Steal Meth, Trevor mentions over the earpiece that the buyer keeps asking where all the drugs came from, foreshadowing the suspicious nature of Phil being an undercover cop.