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Phil's Place is an asset in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Phil's Place is located in the far north-west of Little Haiti, Vice City, bordering the unnamed western waterfront and Downtown Beach to the west and north respectively.


Owned by gun-runner Phil Cassidy, the property has the appearance of a scrap yard. The yard is surrounded by high walls topped with barbed wire. Inside the yard are several wooden shacks, a hangar, boxes, barrels, scrap cars and an old excavator is located here. A caravan is also located on the site, which acts as Phil's residence.

This area was previously known as The Compound in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, owned by protagonist Victor Vance.

Role in the storyline

After executing a bank robbery together, Phil offers work to Tommy Vercetti. Tommy steals a shipment of guns from a rival gun runner. Phil later invites Tommy to see some of his homemade Boomshine bombs. However, while attempting to change the batteries in a remote control, Phil is injured in an explosion after it detonates next to him, blowing his arm off. Tommy, who has become drunk from the fumes of the boomshine, manages to drive Phil to an ex-army surgeon. As a token of gratitude, Phil allows Tommy to purchase weapons from him.

Purchasable weapons

Asset Missions

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Stationary vehicles

  • Patriot - parked inside the hangar.



  • The living space in the caravan used by Phil as a home contains a large array of weapons, competing with Ammu-Nation in terms of size of arsenal, although they are textures and cannot be interacted with.
  • Phil's bedroom wall displays numerous posters, including a Confederate flag (which bears the motto "heritage not hate"), and various posters for fictional military films, including "Soldiers of Fortune" and "Chicks with Guns". One poster bears a model in a bikini with the words "Fun Bags"; this poster uses the July 2000 magazine cover of the UK edition of Maxim which featured Hollyoaks actress Joanna Taylor. The Confederate flag is replaced with the U.S. flag in the Definitive Edition.