Phil's Depot is an ammunitions depot located in Viceport in Vice City.


In 1984, Phil Cassidy resides at this depot after being "evicted" from his home by the Cholos. The nearby shooting range is used as an overspill storage depot for Cassidy's ammunitions (except Boomshine, which is stocked in his depot and his warehouse in Little Havana). By 1986, the depot is no longer used by Cassidy and has become derelict and overgrown, with weeds growing through the cracked concrete.

It is here that the botched drug deal between Tommy Vercetti and the Vance Crime Family takes place. Later that year, the Counterfeit Syndicate uses the depot as their landing spot when their agent with the printing plates arrives in the city.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


  • In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories there is a glitch present on the PS2 version. Stand in front of and close to the marker that allows Vic to enter the Shooting Range and have a three-star wanted level (any higher is not recommended). When the police helicopter arrives, enter the shooting range when the helicopter is above the building. The helicopter will glitch inside the shooting range, and will be frozen in mid-air with only the blades spinning. If the player shoots at the helicopter, it will catch fire and keep burning but will not explode.
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