Phat Chips is a brand of chips featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto V.


Their products can be seen at newspaper stands all over Liberty City and in 24/7, Limited Service, Rob's Liquor and Ammu-Nation stores all over San Andreas. The chips cannot be purchased in any of the games. Phat Chips are marketed as a brand of potato chip that can be eaten by anyone, even those on a diet, as their adverts claim that the chips carry no fat.


Image Name Appearance
Phatchips bigcheese Big Cheese Seen in store.
Phatchips saltandsauce Salt & Sauce Seen in store.
Phatchips stickyribs Sticky Ribs Seen in store.
Phatchips supersalt Supersalt Seen in store.
Phatchips tc habanero Trinkle Chips: Habanero Seen in store.
Phatchips tc paprika Trinkle Chips: Paprika Seen in store.
Unknown Radical Sour Cream Heard in Radio ad.
Unknown Black Liquorice Quinoa Heard in Radio ad.
Unknown Funky Honey Mustard Greens Heard in Radio ad.
Unknown Ketchup Bronze Heard in Radio ad.
Unknown Chipotle Wheat Grass Heard in Radio ad.
Unknown Bavarian Car Key Party Heard in Radio ad.
Unknown Dry Greek Rub Greens Heard in Radio ad.
Unknown Norwegian Salmon Rancher Surprise Heard in Radio ad.


It is a parody of the real chips brand called Lay's and bears a similar logo. Both also come in unusual flavours. The logo is also similar to that of Betty Crocker, a popular brand of American food products.

In the Arena War content update for Grand Theft Auto Online, Phat Chips is shown to represent the Pringles brand of stackable potato chips.



  • "Phat" is an obvious play on the word "fat", a possible reference to the amount of fat these chips may have.
    • 'Phat' is also a slang term which means cool, excellent, or high quality.
  • Malc's jacket has a Phat Chips stamp.
  • Franklin Clinton can be seen eating a bag of chips as the player switch characters with him. This happens only after he acquired his mansion safehouse.
    • Franklin will comment on this in multiple different ways, such as "Man, snacking and I ain't even high", "Man, I need to get some health food in this damn house" and "That's like six burpee's right there". This may be a reference to the lack of edible food to restore health.
  • Oddly enough, the bags of chips seen in-game use the British English dialectal word flavour, which in American English would be spelled flavor.
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