Pets Overnight is an online animal adoption company in Grand Theft Auto III.


The company has no presence in Liberty City, but their commercials can be heard on the radio, as well as operating a website called The company claims to be able to have any type of animal delivered directly to the buyer's door, such as kittens, puppies (such as "Pekinese fighting bitches"), giraffes, fish, rhinos, stomach parasites, vermin, whales, sharks and mackerel. The commercials also play soundbites of animals whilst listing said animals as examples of what people can order. However, some of them are mixed up, such as playing the sound of a sea lion whilst listing a white rhino, or playing the sound of a sheep whilst listing a manatee.

Radio Ad

Man: Would you like a kitten?

[Cat meow]

Man: Have one delivered! Just log on to and we will send you a cute kitten overnight. Delivering little bundles of love, in a box, directly to your door.

[Cat meow]

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