Peter "Pete" Vance is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Pete is the youngest child of Janet Vance and the youngest brother of Victor and Lance. Though he does not appear in the game, Pete is mentioned frequently during the storyline by his brothers. Pete suffers from asthma, which compelled Victor to enroll in the army to raise money for Pete's treatment. Following the final mission of the game, Victor raises enough money to pay for Pete's treatment and tells Lance he intends to send Pete the money.

It is unknown what happened to Pete after the events of the game, but following the end of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City storyline (set two years later in 1986), he is the sole surviving Vance brother following the deaths of Victor and Lance during the events of the game.


  • When Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released, it was initially believed that the Vance brother killed during the botched drug deal in the opening cutscene was Pete. However, Rockstar later confirmed that it was Vic who was killed.


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