Pet Stuffers is a business featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The business uses taxidermy to preserve dead pets, so customers can "have their pets forever". Their commercial also announces their (implied) imminent expansion into human taxidermy with "Grandparents Forever". Radio station Emotion 98.3 runs their advertisements and makes mention of the service.

Pet Stuffers store can't be found in-game, however there is a billboard with advertisement of it in Little Havana, west from Screw This store, near the road that takes the player to Sunshine Autos.

Commercial Transcript

  • Old man Oh Max, we go everywhere together, right boy?
  • Female announcer: At Pet Stuffers, we know there's nothing like a relationship between a man and his dog. Sometimes, you just can't let go.
  • Old man: Max, you didn't eat your food. That's the second week in a row! Max?
  • Female announcer: When the unspeakable happens, just put your four-legged friend in the refrigerator or freezer, then call Pet Stuffers! We'll be their within a week to pick him up and in less than a month he'll be back as good as new! Through an Ancient Egyptian miracle process called "taxidermy", you and your best friend will always be together.
  • Old man: Yeah, that's a good dog!
  • Female announcer: Pet Stuffers, when you just can't let go! And coming soon, "Grandparents Forever"!


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