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Peru, officially known as the Republic of Peru, is a South American country located south of the equator; it is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Bolivia and Brazil to the east, and Chile to the south. Its western shoreline faces the Pacific Ocean.

It is referenced throughout the Grand Theft Auto series.

References in Grand Theft Auto

3D Universe

  • Peruvian pan flute bands were originally set to appear in Grand Theft Auto III as buskers, but were cut.
  • According to the radio advert for Special Needs Cop on WCTR, the film involves Tim (portrayed by Jack Howitzer) fighting a Peruvian cartel inside a special needs school.
  • In an interview with Melissa Chowder on the Breathing World segment of LCFR, Crow mention that they fleece indigenous tribes in Peru. Melissa also met Crow in the jungles of Peru, according to a video that was recorded a week prior to the interview.
  • Rails is a cereal advertised on the radio, and one of its ingredients includes "Peruvian flake flavors".

HD Universe


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