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Pershing Square is a public park in central Los Santos, San Andreas, featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The square is based on the area of Los Angeles also named Pershing Square, named after John J. Pershing. However, it is based on the 1992-1994 renovation which makes it anachronistic. It is one square block in size and consists of a park surrounded by southern Commerce, with sculptures and a fountain in the middle. The headquarters of the Los Santos Police Department are located on the eastern side of the square, and the Los Santos City Hall is located on the southern side. On the northern side, there is an unnamed building likely based on the Millennium Biltmore Hotel or the Subway Terminal Building, both located near Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

During the mission "OG Loc", Sweet and Big Smoke tell Carl that they have to go to the police station in Pershing Square to pick up their friend Jeffrey, now called 'OG Loc', who was locked up for joyriding and parking fines. When they arrive at the station, Loc is waiting out the front with his suitcase. Carl calls Loc by his real name Jeffrey, which annoys Loc. Sweet and Smoke then make fun of him for not going to college.

Much later in the game, Carl must pick up his brother Sweet at the police headquarters after the latter has been released from jail ("Home Coming"). Then Sweet demands to be taken back to Grove Street instead of going to Madd Dogg's Crib with CJ.

Stationary vehicles


  • Body Armor - 2 pieces in the police headquarters
  • Dildo - In the showers of the police headquarters
  • Nightstick - Inside the police headquarters
  • Pistol - Inside the police headquarters
  • Shotgun - Inside the police headquarters


  • Gang tag - At the wall on the east side of the police headquarters
  • Rampage - At the center of the plaza


  • Pershing Square doesn't have its own Police Scanner audio file, and uses the "Los Santos" scanner audio file instead for the dispatch when CJ triggers a wanted level in the area.

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