The following is a complete list of clothing available from Perseus in GTA IV. Note that there are variances of clothing between the consoles and PC versions of GTA IV, and as such the list will include both versions of clothing where present.

List of clothing


Style Image Price
Console PC Console PC
Perseus charcoal suit Perseus-GTAIV-Perseuscharcoalsuit-console Perseus-GTAIV-Perseuscharcoalsuit-pc $1,000
Perseus obsidian suit Perseus-GTAIV-Perseusobsidiansuit-console Perseus-GTAIV-Perseusobsidiansuit-pc $1,000
Perseus onyx suit Perseus-GTAIV-Perseusonyxsuit-console Perseus-GTAIV-Perseusonyxsuit-pc $1,000
Double breasted jacket in ebony & turtle neck with charcoal pants Three button jacket in ebony & vest with charcoal pants Perseus-GTAIV-jacketinebony-console Perseus-GTAIV-jacketinebony-pc $1,000
Double breasted jacket in granite & turtle neck with basalt pants Three button jacket in granite & vest with basalt pants Perseus-GTAIV-jacketingranite-console Perseus-GTAIV-jacketingranite-pc $1,000
Double breasted jacket in iron & turtle neck with obsidian pants Three button jacket in iron & vest with obsidian pants Perseus-GTAIV-jacketiniron-console Perseus-GTAIV-jacketiniron-pc $1,000
Double breasted jacket in lead & turtle neck with ash pants Three button jacket in lead & vest with ash pants Perseus-GTAIV-jacketinlead-console Perseus-GTAIV-jacketinlead-pc $1,000
Style Image Price
Perseus cream sport coat with carbon pants
Perseus mustard sport coat with onyx pants
Perseus slate suit
Perseus ash suit & silk shirt
Perseus charcoal suit & floral shirt
Perseus slate suit & red shirt


Style Image Price
Carbon suit slacks Perseus-GTAIV-carbonsuitslacks $300
Espresso slacks Perseus-GTAIV-espressoslacks $300
Slate suit slacks Perseus-GTAIV-slatesuitslacks $300


Style Image Price
Console PC Console PC
Black loafers Black oxford Perseus-GTAIV-blackloafers Perseus-GTAIV-blackoxford $200
Brown loafers Brown oxford Perseus-GTAIV-brownloafers Perseus-GTAIV-brownoxford $200
Patterned loafers Beige oxford Perseus-GTAIV-patternedloafers Perseus-GTAIV-beigeoxford $200
Black wingtips Perseus-GTAIV-blackwingtips-console Perseus-GTAIV-blackwingtips-pc $200
Brown wingtips Perseus-GTAIV-brownwingtips-console Perseus-GTAIV-brownwingtips-pc $200
Suede bucks Suede wingtips Perseus-GTAIV-suedebucks Perseus-GTAIV-suedewingtips $200

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