Penal Ties!, also known as Alma Mater Return!, is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Redneck boss Billy Bob Bean. The mission is the second job available from the red Redneck phone in the Mobile RV Park of the Residential District.


Billy Bob Bean wants revenge on the guards at Alma Mater Prison for his past experiences. Claude is arrested to get inside the facility, then locates Billy Bob's contact, The Hump, who hands him a keycard to the Guard Room. Claude gets a uniform and weapon from there before killing the prison's guards and starting a riot. He then destroys the front gates, escapes with a Special Agent Car and returns to the Mobile RV Park.


Penal Ties! is considered one of the toughest missions in GTA 2, though there are some things that can make your task easier.

  • Pick up an armor before meeting the liquor man and getting arrested; without armor, you are a dead man almost surely.
  • Park a civilian car at the respray shop in Belmont before getting arrested. That vehicle will be your easiest way to get rid of the wanted level, since you cannot lose it sitting in a stolen Special Agent Car.
  • Once the riot has broken out, be patient, that's the key to victory. Prisoners tend to attack anyone around them, so don't approach them. It is advisable to avoid busy areas, instead wait or move slowly near walls, that give you cover from one or more sides. Wait until guards appear, and shoot them in the back. If you move, do it backwards, so anyone goes after you, can be shot easily.


Completing the mission will give you $70,000.


  • if player enter cheat code No police or Maximum wanted level will hinder the mission.

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