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Hey, look. Good shit on those contracts you been workin' on. But listen, I got some other work. A certain kind of work that need a certain type of person, you know what I mean? Big ticket type shit. I don't wanna say too much on my cell. So I'll be in touch with you on a payphone. Keep your ears open.
Franklin Clinton after the third Security Contract is completed.

Payphone Hits are a series of missions featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update. They are Free Mode jobs that can be conducted in any session type. Two of the jobs will only be offered to Organizations or Motorcycle Clubs with two or more members in the session.


You have unlocked Payphone Hits. Answer ringing payphones PayphoneHits-GTAO-RadarIcon.png for missions to assassinate a range of targets to earn cash and RP. Execute the bonus assassination method to earn additional cash.

Answer the nearby payphone PayphoneHits-GTAO-RadarIcon.png to begin a Payphone Hit for Franklin.
Press (control) to answer the phone.
'Ey, so when was the last time you used a payphone? 'Cause believe me, there's some things you don't want the FIB to hear. Y'know, things like "contract killings", "stock manipulation", ya feel me? 'Cause see, I knew the dude who used to run the hits in this town, and he knew something most of the hatchet guys out there don't: the money only starts flowing when the stock market gets involved.
Now, I got my share of high-net-worth individuals in my contacts these days. And since we got our own partnership up and running, a few of 'em started hitting me up with some propositions that been making me think shit, I need to get back in the game... with me running the plays, and you working the fields? Man.
So look, here's the deal. We take out some assholes, who fuckin' deserve it anyway, which fixes the market in our own client's favor, and they send us some serious paydirt, you got me?
All you gotta do is pick up the phone, I'll give you the mark, and then I'll text you some details from the burner. You can do it however you want, but the clients pay extra if you do it just right. Sounds good?
Franklin Clinton to the player explaining the jobs.

After completing their third Security Contract, Franklin calls the player to advise that he is now running the insider-trading assassinations that Lester Crest had him perform in Grand Theft Auto V. Since he believes the FIB are monitoring Mobile Phone communications, he advises that all instructions will be given via payphones. Players can call Franklin to request a hit or they may encounter the payphones randomly ringing.

Should the player choose to drive away from the payphone, it will stop ringing once they get far enough, thus requiring waiting/calling for another hit.

Players are given a specific target to assassinate, usually with a 15 minute time limit. Additional specific instructions can be followed in order to increase the cash payout for the hit.

If the bonus method is not used, a 3 star wanted level may need to be evaded, or multiple enemy reinforcements may need to be eliminated or evaded until the time limit expires before the mission is complete.

After completing a hit, there is a 20 minute cooldown before another hit can be requested.

Payphone Locations PayphoneHits-GTAO-RadarIcon.png

Los Santos County
Location Image Map
Rancho: Liquor store, corner of Jamestown Street and Macdonald Street.
Alta: Stripmall, corner Occupation Avenue and Las Lagunas Boulevard.
Chamberlain Hills: LTD Gasoline, Grove Street.
Little Seoul: Snr. Buns, next to Little Seoul Station, San Andreas Avenue.
Textile City: Dashound Bus Center, Integrity Way.
Morningwood: Stripmall, corner Morningwood Boulevard and Boulevard Del Perro.
El Burro Heights: El Burro Heights Fire Station.
Vespucci Canals: Vespucci Mall next to Fleeca.
Vinewood: Globe Oil station, Clinton Avenue
Richman Glen: LTD Gasoline, North Rockford Drive.
LSIA: Los Santos Customs.
El Burro Heights: Los Santos Tattoos.
Terminal: Jetsam Terminal.
Mirror Park: West Mirror Drive.
Strawberry: Forum Drive opposite the Clinton Residence.
West Vinewood: Tequi-la-la.
Vespucci Beach: Palomino Avenue.
Tataviam Mountains: Tataviam Truckstop
Mirror Park: LTD Gasoline, Mirror Park Boulevard.
Blaine County
Location Image Map
Lago Zancudo: RON station, Route 68.
Zancudo River: Discount Store, Route 68
Harmony: 24/7, Route 68.
Harmony: Cafe next to The Motor Motel, Route 68.
Grand Senora Desert: Yellow Jack Inn.
Grand Senora Desert: Flywheels Garage, Sandy Shores Airfield.
RON Alternates Wind Farm: Rex's Diner
Sandy Shores: Abandoned Globe Oil station next to Liquor Ace, Meringue Lane.
Sandy Shores: Sandy's Gas Station
Grapeseed: Abandoned Globe Oil station, corner Seaview Road and East Joshua Road.
Grapeseed: LTD Gasoline station, Grapeseed Main Street.
Paleto Bay: Xero Gas Station.
Paleto Forest: Pala Springs Aerial Tramway, Pala Springs

Hit List

One player minimum


Main article: Payphone Hit: The CEO
You ever heard of the show called Closet CEO? Where some asshole billionaire pretends to be one of his broke-ass employees for a day or two. Well, keep thinking about that, and then think about the CEO of Gold Coast Development. This dude is a world-class asshole... union bustin', poor working conditions, corruption, intimidation, man, you name it... and check this out... now he about to throw on some overalls and play nice for the workers on his site for the cameras.
Now, full disclosure: I did some work a while ago that gave this asshole's market value a boost. But that was before I heard what a piece of shit this fucker really is. So, when a client came to me with a proposal to make some bills off liquidating his ass, man, I said hell yeah.
Our client goin' short the fuck out of the Gold Coast Development stock... then we goin' ice this fool while he's playing at construction worker for this dumbass show. The stock tanks, our client gets rich, we get paid.
And if we make it look like he died because of some unsafe conditions on his site? Makes it even better.
— Franklin's payphone description

The target is at a construction site filming a reality TV show called Closet CEO. Franklin refers back to the events of The Construction Assassination when Lester had him kill Enzo Bonelli to this CEO's benefit when the Gold Coast Development stock price rose. Only he now knows that this target was just as bad as Bonelli, so has no qualms taking him out in the same way.

The Assassination Bonuses revolve around making it look like an industrial accident.

The Cofounder

'Ey, look, today's target is a cautionary tale, homie. The target is one of the founding members of that phone company, bitterSweet. Man, back in the day he lived the whole Vinewood tech pioneer life... private jets, kale smoothies, cocaine for breakfast... man, you know, all that crazy shit. Then everyone started buying iFruit phones instead, and he went off the rail real fucking fast. Got into all sorts of nasty shit... and I mean nasty shit... and the company fuckin' tanked.
But now they got a chance of a new relaunch to turn it all around. But here's where we come in: his cofounder still clean as they come, but he can't do shit while this degenerate fuck has the reins. So we goin' arrange for him to have a lil' accident. The cofounder takes over, and then the stock prices pick up, which means our client's goin' make a big fuckin' bank, and we get paid.
We got the target at the motel with a nasty-ass prostitute right now. Go put his ass out of his misery.
— Franklin's payphone description

The target is at a motel with a prostitute and can be killed as soon as he exits the room before he gets into his Mariachi Tornado.

All Assassination Bonuses revolve around destroying his Tornado with him inside.

The Judge

Man, this should be a wholesome-ass day of work. The target is some backwards-ass judge that change the sentences for anyone who offers her a fur coat, or a stack of fuckin' cash. She put a lot of innocent people in jail. Some fuckin' people I even know.
And tomorrow, she's ruling in a big fraud case against one of our partners at Lombank. The whole world know he guilty as fuck, so a whole bunch of our clients are out there betting against Lombank stock. Only I just got wind the lady judge been paid to throw the fuckin' case out. And if the defendant wals, and the stock don't tank, our clients stand to lose a lot of fuckin' money. So, I say we bring some karma to this evil-ass bitch, take her out, and our clients'll give us a nice kickback when justice takes its course.
So look, she's at the golf course now, playing a round to celebrate in advance. Your outfit should still be at the club house. I suggest you go pay her ass a visit.
— Franklin's payphone description

The target is at Los Santos Golf Club teeing off with a playing partner and two armed security guards.

The Assassination Bonuses revolve around using golfing equipment.

The Popstar

'Ey, I would give you this target's name, but I know you haven't heard it before. He ain't even famous yet... but shit, he about to be. Some sick degenerate trust fund kid who fucks up people lives for fun. He's spiked girls' drinks, done hit and runs, assaults, man, you name it... and then he paid his way out of all that shit.
And now he wanna do some reputation management, so he can buy hos way into being the next big pop star. He got a label and a song that's all bought and paid for, he go a ad space and social media campaign ready to fuckin' go. He's all set to scoop a number one single when it drops next week.
Now, I know what you thinking: another manufactured pop star, so what? Who cares? Well, our client works at the record label, and he got some nice intel... the label sunk everything the got into this lil' son of a bitch. And if he has an accident, not only will the world be a better place, but the label fixin' to go bankrupt. And our client just bet against them big.
So look, we make the stock crash, our clients get some zeroes added on to their bank account, and we get a slice of the motherfuckin' pie. Now let's go put this lil' evil motherfucker in the wrong kinda headlines.
— Franklin's payphone description

The target will be driving around in his customized Annis Euros.

The Assassination bonuses require various vehiclar methods including Drive-By Shooting, Police Cruiser intimidation and truck cab destruction.

The Tech Entrepreneur

'Ey, this target is one of the most successful tech entrepeneurs un the world, but you ain't never even heard of his damn name. Now this motherfucker? He keeps a low profile, even though he designed half the fuckin' apps on your damn phone: you know, social media, video-sharing, photo-sharing, messaging... you name it, this dud wrote it. And get this: as of tomorrow, he's goin' push what looks like a routine security update, but really it's a backdoor so he can sell all your data to the highest bidder. Fuckin' son of a bitch. He don't care how many people he bankrupt, as long as his fuckin' ass is sitting at the beach in the Caymans next to ten figures in his fuckin' bank account. He got every crooked investor with an internet connection lookin' to buy his stocks once the update hits.
But check this out: one of those investors had an even better idea, and he came to me with it. He's goin' bet against the stock, then we take this bitch down, our client cashes out, and we make bank.
We just got intel that the target is fucked up right now at some charity event, and fired his driver for the fuckin' tenth time. And he just ordered a cab, but I got Imani to cancel that motherfucker. Dude should be right outside.
— Franklin's payphone description

The target is at a hotel and the player can simply head directly there to take him out. This is virtually the same as The Hotel Assassination scenario.

All Assassination Bonuses revolve around use of a Taxi.

The Trolls

Alright, look, so the internet is a huge and terrible place that I still don't understand, but the bottom line is: we got some trolls out there banding together to fuck with the stock prices. I've seen some creepy-ass nasty stuff on they message boards, and they got the whole fuckin' army out there dumping and pumping their shit wherever they like. They've been riggin' prices all over the market, cashin' out, and fuckin' everybody else in the process... including a bunch of our clients. And right now, they targeting a stock pick that we all should be worried about.
It's a tall ask, but man, I need you to get rid of as many of the ringleaders of these basement-dwelling crooks as soon as you can, before they crash the fuckin' stock. And look, if you do right, a lot of very rich people goin' be very grateful to us, and we goin' get paid.
— Franklin's payphone description

There are at least four targets on foot, spread around the state. The player has 15 minutes to eliminate them all. They may run away or stand and fight with an SNS Pistol, Knife or Flashlight. Playing the job with associates will increase the number of targets.

The Assassination Bonuses are varied, including quicker time, headshots or running them all over.

Two player minimum

The Dealers

So you know Merryweather, right? Shit, of course you do. Anyone who's cut their teeth in this town spent a whole lot of time fuckin' with Merryweather. Ain't no coincidence their stock price is at an all-time low.
So look, we got a client who's gonna pay us to do 'em a favor for once. But hear me out on this one. There's a bunch of creepy-ass drug dealers makin' headlines right now. Selling nasty shit to anyone and everyone. The whole city wants 'em dealt with.
'Ey, so look, you're gonna make 'em disappear. Make it look professional and shit. Then I'mma get on Snapmatic, start spamming posts sayin': "I saw Merryweather take these fools down and the cops couldn't." And boom: Merryweather goes viral with some good publicity, our client make a bunch of money because she just bought a load of their stock, and then we get paid. Everybody's a fuckin' winner, right?
— Franklin's payphone description

A minimum of 2 players are required in player Organizations or Motorcycle Clubs in order to receive this Hit.

Players must take out four Juggalos drug dealers, simultaneously for the Assassination Bonus.

The Hitmen

I normally don't fuck with rats, but in this case, some of the homies that used to work for Coil is sitting on all this top-secret evidence about how the company's car batteries are actually poisoning the whole fuckin' earth... After all the green energy marketing and shit? This is un-fuckin-believable, right?
Well, no surprise, but the Coil CEO is panicking. He actually hired some goons to take out our guy before he even goes public. Man, these motherfuckin' batteries are goin' kill us all, and he's worrying about the fuckin' stock tanking. Well look, our client is an insider who cares passionately about truth and the fuckin' environment. And, more to the point, he just bet big against Coil to cash in when the snitch goes public. So look, we take out the hitmen, make sure the rat gets gis spotlight... Our client makes bank, shit, so do we.
— Franklin's payphone description

A minimum of 2 players are required in player Organizations or Motorcycle Clubs in order to receive this Hit.

Players must take out 8 members of The Professionals in four Coil vehicles (2 Raidens and 2 Brawlers).

Assasination Bonuses relate to the method of kill or waiting until they all arrive at a location.


You can now call Franklin to request a Payphone Hit. If Franklin has a job available a ringing payphone PayphoneHits-GTAO-RadarIcon.png will appear on the Radar.
  • $15,000 plus $70,000 if the bonus criteria is met.
    • Associates are paid $15,000 plus $30,000 for the bonus.
  • The first time a successful Assassination Bonus method is used, either as leader or an associate, a model trophy will be displayed in the players office behind their desk next to the whiskey:
    • The CEO - a construction helmet.
    • The Cofounder - a Sticky Bomb.
    • The Dealers - (for leader and Associates) a Merryweather-branded cap.
    • The Hitmen - (for leader and Associates) a Coil logo trophy.
    • The Judge - a golf ball and tee.
    • The Popstar - a model Annis Euros.
    • The Tech Entrepreneur - a model Taxi.
    • The Trolls - a bullet-hole ridden iFruit laptop computer.

Associates who have not yet unlocked the Payphone Hits will immediately be awarded the trophies in their office, they do not need to wait until they have personally unlocked the jobs. If an Agency has not yet been purchased, unlocked trophies will be present as soon as one is purchased.

Video Walkthrough