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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

Payphone Hit: The Cofounder is a mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as one of the Payphone Hits in The Contract update. It is a Free Mode job that can be conducted in any session type by answering a ringing payphone either randomly encountered or requested by calling Franklin Clinton.


'Ey, look, today's target is a cautionary tale, homie. The target is one of the founding members of that phone company, bitterSweet. Man, back in the day he lived the whole Vinewood tech pioneer life... private jets, kale smoothies, cocaine for breakfast... man, you know, all that crazy shit. Then everyone started buying iFruit phones instead, and he went off the rail real fucking fast. Got into all sorts of nasty shit... and I mean nasty shit... and the company fuckin' tanked.
But now they got a chance of a new relaunch to turn it all around. But here's where we come in: his cofounder still clean as they come, but he can't do shit while this degenerate fuck has the reins. So we goin' arrange for him to have a lil' accident. The cofounder takes over, and then the stock prices pick up, which means our client's goin' make a big fuckin' bank, and we get paid.
We got the target at the motel with a nasty-ass prostitute right now. Go put his ass out of his misery.
— Franklin's payphone description

The target is at a motel with a prostitute and can be killed as soon as he exits the room before he gets into his Mariachi Tornado.

There is a 5 minute countdown until the target leaves the room with the prostitue. After he leaves, the player has another 5 minutes to complete the hit. Approaching the target before he gets in his car, armed or not, will scare him, failing the assassination method bonus. If the target is already driving away from the motel, players can still chase him and complete the assassination within the 5 additional minutes.


Vehicle Assassination Bonuses

Bonus Conditions

After receiving the target location, Franklin sends a text message spelling out the Bonus criteria. All scenarios involve destroying the Tornado while the target is in it.

There's extra cash if we can make it look like a nasty accident. Wait for our guy to get in his convertible, then set that shit on fire. I heard his ride's so beat up, faulty wiring won't be no surprise. Better hurry cause Imani says he checked out and he's leaving real soon.
— Franklin's TXT for the "fire" bonus.
Client's gonna throw in some extra cash if you can make it look like it was an accident with this dude's piece of trash convertible. If I was you I'd take his ride, hook up a bomb. then get it back before he makes his appearance. Imani says he's checking out now so yuou better shift yo ass.
— Franklin's TXT for the "explosives" bonus.
There's a rifle stashed at a spot near the motel. If you want a little more cash, put one into the dude's engine block when he gets into that convertoble of his. If your aim is right, it'll light that shit up like Del Perro Pier. You better move, Imani says he's about to check out.
The target is staying somewhere at this motel and will be leaving in their car shortly.

The player has the initial 5 minutes to set up the bonus hit criteria.

The equipment stashed nearby can be collected to help complete the Assassination Bonus.


Set the target's car on fire while they are inside it.

Upon arrival, the player is instructed to use a specific marked equipment stash to be able to set the Tornado on fire after the target gets inside. Players are free to use their own supplies though, such as Jerry Can fuel or Molotov Cocktails.


Take out the target using an Explosives modification installed on their car.

The player needs to take the Tornado to a nearby Los Santos Customs branch and install an Ignition Bomb or Remote Bomb and return it within five minutes before the target checks out. Note that the car is in such poor condition that the player will need to pay a small repair fee first.

Get that piece of shit back to the motel quick, the target is about to leave!
— Franklin's TXT after modifying the Tornado.
Return the Tornado to the motel before the target leaves.

Scoped Rifle

Use a scoped rifle to blow up the engine of the target's car while they are inside it.

A stash with a Marksman Rifle will be nearby to use to shoot the Tornado engine. Players are free to use their own Sniper Rifle or Marksman Rifle.

Bonus Failure Consequences

A 3 star wanted level will need to be evaded.


Video Walkthrough


  • For the assassination bonus method of setting the target's car on fire, the on-screen instructional message tasks the player with picking up the stash nearby, but there is no marked stash icon on the Radar. This is due to a bug that prevents it from spawning.
  • All parked NPC cars except a Taxi at The Pink Cage Motel will spawn painted black[1].


  1. Black Bodhi, Regina and Emperor at the Motor Motel.