"It's time you met our man inside the LPD. Here's a payment for the last little job he did for us. He is understandably cautious. Get to the payphone in Torrington as quick as you can and await his instructions."
Asuka Kasen

Payday For Ray is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen from her condominium in Newport, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Asuka wants Claude to meet a cop she knows and deliver his payment to him. Claude has to answer a series of phone booths around Staunton Island until Claude is instructed to go to the toilet block in Belleville Park. There Claude meets Ray Machowski. Machowski wants Claude to do some favors for him.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get to the pay phone in Torrington
  • Get to the pay phone in West Belleville Park
  • Get to the pay phone in Liberty Campus
  • Get to the pay phone in South Belleville Park
  • Meet the cop in the toilet block in Belleville Park


The reward for completing this mission is $11,000. The missions Two-Faced Tanner for Asuka Kasen and Silence The Sneak for Ray Machowski are unlocked.



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