The Pause Menu is a screen that appears all throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. It comes up whenever the player presses the "Start" button (Game Consoles) or upon starting the game or pressing ESC button (PC). It is used when the player is finished playing for the day, when the player needs a break, to check the map or redefine controls. In GTA IV, its episodes, and GTA V, upon pausing the game, ambient music will begin to play.

Through the Pause Menu, the player can:

  • Start a new game;
  • Load or delete a game data;
  • Check the map (GTA Vice City onwards)
  • View Brief (recent dialogue used by main characters and protagonists/or game reminders/messages)
  • Change settings and options
  • Quit the game (PC and mobile versions)
  • Save the game (only in GTA Advance and GTA Chinatown Wars)
  • Online option (GTA V)
  • Replay a mission or a stranger and freaks mission (GTA V)


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