Patriot Playground is one of four checkpoint side-missions in Grand Theft Auto III.


This side mission is found at the Supa Save! parking lot in Portland View. It is activated when the player enters a parked Patriot that spawns there. Once activated, the player can start at their leisure; the timer is activated when the player drives over any checkpoint, after which the player has twenty seconds to collect the next. Each checkpoint awards an additional 20 seconds, giving the player a total of five minutes to complete the side mission. The checkpoints are located throughout the cliffs of Portland Beach, requiring the player to take advantage of the Patriot's off-road grip. The player will fail the mission if they exit or destroy the Patriot, or if time expires.


For this mission, you'll have to pick up 15 checkpoints in five minutes.

Drive over the stairs and pick up 1st one; after that, drive to the meadow opposite of Marco's Bistro to reach the 2nd one further north. After that, rush to the beach and pick the 3rd one near water. Turn back, and climb the cliff for the 4th one.

Drive on the beach, the 5th and 6th are on the cliff. Go through the rock arch under Salvatore's mansion, and find the 7th.

Proceed in the direction of Salvatore's mansion, collecting checkpoints on the way. Pick up the most northern one from west or north, to avoid rough terrain. The last one is on the arch beyond Salvatore's mansion.


  • Save before this mission, you may have more than one mistake while driving around the cliffs. Get a Banshee from Easy Credit Autos and store it in your safehouse, you will have a fast car to drive to the parking lot each time you try it again.
  • When returning from the cliff at the back of the Leone's mansion, turn the car carefully so it can drive forward instead of reversing, saving lots of time.
  • Use the diagonal polygonal mounds when collecting the checkpoints in the beach under the cliff, the Patriot will have an easier time driving up them instead of the vertical ones which will make the car lose acceleration and fall.

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  • If the player enters the Patriot and immediately leaves it, the cut scene will play for around 2-3 seconds then the 'Mission Failed' screen will come up and the vehicle will lock itself.


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