Patriot Beer, often abbreviated as Patriot, is both a brand of beer and a brewery in the HD Universe.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, Patriot Beer is sold in various restaurants including the 60 Diner on Albany Avenue in Algonquin, Liberty City. In Grand Theft Auto V, it can be found in Rob's Liquor, 24/7 and Limited Service stores. One of the liveries on the Sanchez is for Patriot Beer.

In addition to its beer the brand also sells merchandise including t-shirts which are worn by many members of The Lost Motorcycle Club. It is possible to obtain a Patriot Beer hat in GTA Online through the special crates after the Independence Day Special update has been installed.


It is possibly inspired by the American beer brand Samuel Adams due to similarities in colours used on the bottles and a similarity in the logos.



Patriot Beer appears to have a large presence within the world of motorsports. Most noticeably, all the racing liveries for some vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online which all feature a similar design with the flag on The United States of America.

Patriot Beer also owns a stock car racing series; the Patriot 500 which is held at the Patriot Beer Motor Speedway.




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