Patriot 500

Patriot 500 logo

The Patriot 500 is a stock car racing event based on the Daytona 500 advertised in Grand Theft Auto IV on CNT sponsored by Patriot Beer. The commercial airs before the first segment of I'm Rich.

Commercial Script

  • Announcer: Hey racefans, it's coming! Saturdays, don't miss the Patriot 500 Live from Patriot Beer Motor Speedway! It's edge of your seat excitement as rednecks drive around in a circle 500 times!



  • The Patriot 500's commercial is supposedly set at Patriot Beer Motor Speedway, but it is actually Carl Johnson, protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, driving a Hotring Racer on the Los Santos International Airport's runway in the game-world of GTA San Andreas.
  • Ironically, although promoting the event, the commercial is mocking it with the popular insult to auto racing that all cars do is "race in circles for hours". However, this may just be sarcasm.  It also matches other in-game adverts in tone (e.g. Pisswasser lager).
  • Though the event has a specific schedule, the player cannot actually view any kind of race on Saturdays, and regular programming occurs on CNT on the in-game Saturday.
  • The two cars at the beginning of the advert are two 1968 AMC Javelins as both the "AMC" and "Javelin" badges are clearly visible.
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