Rockstar Games is well known for its hidden references, innuendos and real-life allusions. This page highlights parallel events and changes between the real world and the GTA World.

Real World GTA World
Phil Collins tours the USA in 1984 Phil Collins performs in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories in 1984.
1992 Los Angeles riots, after Rodney King was beaten up Riots in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (1992), when the corrupt Frank Tenpenny is acquitted.
2000 George W Bush became the president of the United States Newly elected president George W Bush visits Liberty City.
Police Cars livery changed after 9/11 Police Cars different appearance since Grand Theft Auto III. It is assumed that Rockstar did this as a mark of respect for the NYPD officers who lost their lives when the twin towers were attacked.
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