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Detailed map of Paradiso, San Fierro.

Paradiso is a district in San Fierro, San Andreas. It is one of the most affluent areas of the city, and sits just south of Gant Bridge and Battery Point, on San Fierro's northwestern coastline. To the east are Juniper Hollow and Calton Heights; to the south are Juniper Hill and Santa Flora. To the west, meanwhile, is another affluent district, Palisades.

Paradiso bears a resemblance to San Francisco's Presidio both in name and in physical beauty. Furthermore, the Presidio is a highly affluent area, situated on the lush northern coast of the San Francisco peninsula. Similarly, the residents of Paradiso are wealthy, and relatively laid-back, as the surrounding beauty tends to add a gentility to the area. The area is diverse with many Asian residents. This hilly, verdant neighborhood provides opportunities for grabbing both scenic photographs and expensive automobiles and homes. Paradiso also contains a modestly appointed safehouse costing $20,000.



  • Paradiso Safehouse
    • At the southwestern end of Paradiso, on the corner of the large complex of buildings with the alleyway behind it (north side of the street)


Stationary vehicles

  • Infernus
    • Parked outside a condominium on the steep street at the northwestern edge of Paradiso, just south of the Gant Bridge approach.




  • Paradiso is often (incorrectly) thought to be the Spanish word for 'paradise', which is actually 'paraiso'. Paradiso is actually Italian for 'paradise,' or 'heaven'.