For the camper conversion van in Grand Theft Auto V, see Paradise.
"Disco never died, it just needed to regroup and now it's back and better than ever. Disco belongs in the neon of Vice City, so come on folks enjoy the decadence that Disco and Vice City has to offer; after all thousands of rich, attractive and very upwardly social residents can't be wrong. If you want to be fabulous, listening to the Paradise FM is the first step to your rebirth."
―GTA Vice City Stories Website

Paradise FM is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Several sampled versions of the songs have been featured in other games in the series. Class Action's "Weekend" is also featured as a house music remix by The Todd Terry Project in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, appearing on the SF-UR house radio station. Exodus' "Together Forever" is also sampled in Eddie Amador's song "House Music" on the house music station Rise FM in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Another song is Jackie Moore's "This Time Baby" which is sampled and remixed in Freemasons' "Love On My Mind" on Vladivostok FM in Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City.

Not including station identification, this is the first non-stop music radio station since the Grand Theft Auto III rendition of MSX FM and Rise FM. This radio station is favorited by the Cholos as it can be heard whenever Victor Vance gets into a Cholo Sabre.

The name of this station is probably a reference to the legendary Paradise Garage club in New York, as the music is very representative of that club's soundtrack at the height of its popularity.



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GTA VCS - Paradise FM


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