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Parachuting is a game mode in Grand Theft Auto Online. Parachuting jobs were given by Dom Beasley until the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, after which they are given by the Junk Energy contact.

Each of the jobs can be accessed via the Jobs list on the Pause Menu, by walking into the blue corona (marked by a parachute icon on the player's radar or map) near the location of the jump in GTA Online freemode or selecting it from a post-job voting screen.

Time spent parachuting will increase the player's Flying Skill.


Parachuting, as its name implies, involves players jumping out of Maverick helicopters high above the ground and opening their parachutes. Some jobs will involve a Base Jump from a building or mountain top. The players must then navigate their parachutes through various circular checkpoints, similar to air races.

If the players go through the checkpoint in the center of it, they receive the maximum 15 points. If they go through anywhere else in the checkpoint, they receive only 10 points. Just hitting the edge of the checkpoint will yield 5 points. Missing the checkpoint altogether will give no points for that particular checkpoint.

When near ground, the player must aim to land on a target consisting of blue concentric circles that can give either 15, 10, 5, or no extra points depending on how close to the center of the target they land. It is also possible to have 5 points deducted for a "faceplant" landing.

Missing the ground target entirely will result in a DNF even if the landing was survivable.

Weapons may be able to be used during the descent depending on the matchmaking options set by the job host.

In Parachuting, it's not about who parachutes the fastest. It's about who has the most points in the end. This is why it's better for players to go slow and steady rather than going straight down, in order to gain better accuracy in hitting checkpoints. Fastest time is only used to tie-break players with equal points scores.

If the player hits something during the match and falls, they will automatically lose.



List of Parachuting Jobs[]

Removed Parachuting Jobs[]


You've been illegally downloading albums for years, so why not finish off the music industry for good. Skip the ticket line, and parachute into the Vinewood Bowl from 6000ft.
— Description
(added in the Independence Day Special)

City Glide[]

Cash in on your bailout with this jump over the financial center of Los Santos. A leisurely descent from 1385ft, with shallow turns.
— Description

Falling Fast[]

Parachute from 4210ft and try to land on the roof of the Burger Shot in Vespucci for 4th of July burgers
— Description
(added in the Independence Day Special)

From The Top[]

Don't worry about missing anything from the famous Mount Chiliad on this jump - you'll be hurtling close enough to touch it for most of the descent. Jump from 2850ft into a steep dive before leveling out over Paleto Bay.
— Description
  • Rank Required: 10
  • Number of Players: 1-4
  • Height: 2850ft
  • Number of checkpoints: 8
  • Start point/Map marker: End of the pier, Paleto Bay.
  • Landing point notes: End of the pier, Paleto Bay.


What better way to take in the sights of Los Santos than by hurling yourself out of a helicopter? A 2355ft jump with wide, shallow turns, landing at La Puerta Harbor.
— Description