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They wanna do a reality series about me. Yeah, its true man! I'm gonna be big, i'm gonna be huge!
— Beverly

Paparazzo - The Partnership is a Strangers and Freaks mission given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Beverly Felton.


In West Vinewood, Franklin finds Beverly lurking in a dumpster near a steak house. Beverly emerges from the dumpster and tells Franklin that he has recently snagged a reality show. Beverly asks Franklin's help in getting yet more celebrity pictures, to which Franklin reluctantly agrees. Beverly states he will send the necessary information to Franklin's phone.

The player then needs to wait some time until Beverly send a message with the location of the celebrities that Franklin needs to photograph. One location will be at Downtown Vinewood and the other will be in Mirror Park.

The mission can't be replayed afterwards, due to it being just a cutscene and having no objectives or medal challenges.

Video Walkthrough


GTA 5 PC - Paparazzo - Beverly -100% Gold Medal Walkthrough-



  • After the cutscene, if the player put some sticky bombs or drop a grenade near the dumpster where Beverly is hiding, the explosion will not cause any damage to it, preventing Beverly's death.