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So, like, back in England, my help would, like, totally do this for me. But they're, like, super scared of being arrested and totally banged by scary dudes in a US jail, yah?
Princess Georgina

Paparazzo - The Highness is a Strangers and Freaks mission given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Beverly Felton.


The player as Franklin enters the marked area in Mirror Park. Franklin calls Beverly who informs him that English royal Princess Georgina is at the moment purchasing marijuana from a street dealer. Beverly tells Franklin to get a picture of the deal after meeting the contact. Franklin meets Beverly's contact at the nearby Chico's Hypermarket. The contact informs Franklin that the drug deal is taking place in the alley behind the market. Additionally, the contact advises Franklin that the princess has heavy security, so Franklin should take the picture from the market's roof.

At this point, the player can approach the mission in a variety of different ways. However, if the player chooses to use the roof as the vantage point, there is a dumpster on the market's right to use to reach the point. Regardless, Franklin takes the picture and sends it to Beverly. Once Franklin has left the scene (and lost the security if caught), the mission ends.

Mission Objectives

  • Meet Beverly's contact.
  • Take a photo of the drug deal.
  • Send Beverly the photo.
  • Lose the security. (If you alerted anyone)

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Silent Snapper - Snap the princess without being detected.
  • Royal Drag - Snap the princess buying the drugs.


WNKA International Newspaper

"Minor royal Princess Georgina has fallen victim to yet another media sting operation on her latest visit to the USA. The party-loving young royal, believing wholeheartedly that she was on a tour of impoverished inner city Los Santos neighborhoods, was lured into a trap by unscrupulous paparazzi to make it look like she was buying marijuana from a drug dealer. Princess Georgina is said to be devastated and embarrassed that she allowed herself to be taken advantage of so naively. Maybe if the Americans had their own royal family instead of worshiping pathetic celebrities, they might show some semblance of class, morality and common decency."

Bleeter Posts

  • @biggavin88 - "no way that hot english royal got totally busted for weed in LS!!!"
  • @londonyoyofreak - "I'm appalled by this media stunt the Americans have pulled on Princess Georgina! Drugs? What absolute rubbish! Leave our royal family alone!"


Video Walkthrough


GTA 5 PC - Paparazzo - Beverly -100% Gold Medal Walkthrough-



  • If the player follows the Cavalcade she leaves in, stopping and carjacking it will reveal that she has disappeared, leaving only her two pistol-armed bodyguards to fight.

Bugs & Glitches

  • If the player enters the Snapmatic app on their phone, they can be within close proximity of the deal without alerting them.