Panoramic is an electronics company featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IVGrand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V. It spoofs Panasonic.


3D Universe

Although no Panoramic stores or businesses appear in GTA San Andreas, it is one of the sponsors of one of the Hotring Racer stock-cars.

HD Universe

Like Panasonic, Panoramic manufactures general electronics, like televisions and mobile phones. Flat-screen Panoramic plasma televisions and DVD players can be found in both the Middle Park East Safehouse and Playboy X's Penthouse.

There are also mentions on the in-game internet of a Panoramic mobile phone and on, a Panoramic writing tablet called the HeavyPad is mentioned, but it is said to have gone out of production.

In GTA: Chinatown Wars, the PDA used on the Nintendo DS touch-screen is made by Panoramic (though the PSP renders a Badger PDA) as is the police car Liberty City Databases. Since they produce the Tinkle Cellphone, they are likely a partner of Tinkle.

Some pedestrians in GTA V can be found carrying a reflex camera with a Panoramic strap. This is likely a reference to Panasonic's Lumix cameras. In addition, a Panoramic sound-system can be found on the top floor of the Tequi-la-la bar in West Vinewood.


There are also many retail stores that can be found throughout the States of Liberty and Alderney:

Products (A-Z)

3D Universe

  • Unknown Electronic Products (SA)

HD Universe

  • Panoramic DVD Player (IV)
  • GMB1274 (videocamera) (IV)
  • Panoramic Intercom (TBoGT)
  • Panoramic Heavy Pad (IV)
  • Panoramic Pano 360 (IV)
  • Panoramic PDA (CW)
  • Panoramic Programmable Sequencer V12 sound system (TBoGT, V)
  • Panoramic Stereo Disc Reader (TBoGT)
  • Panoramic Tinkle Cellphone (IV)
  • Panoramic TV (IV)
  • Panoramic reflex camera (V)



  • There are SCART connectors on the rear of Panoramic's flatscreen TV and DVD player as well as RCA connectors. SCART is a common audio/visual standard in Europe whereas RCA connections are favored in North America.
  • The DVD player appears to be coded for Region 2, which is correct for Western Europe, but not North America (where Liberty City is located) which is designated as Region 1. Also, despite using fictional companies in the GTA universe, the logos of two real-world companies appear on the rear of the Panoramic DVD player: Kodak and Microsoft, represented by the Windows logo.

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