"Colombian-American business conglomerate, specializing in large construction projects."
―GTA III Website.

The Panlantic Construction Company is a building construction/real estate company situated in Liberty City. It has been featured in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The company's main lines of work are building construction and real estate ownership. The company, despite claiming to be a legitimate construction company, is involved with illegal activities, since in both of its appearances, it is shown to have ties with the Colombian Cartel.

Ties with the Cartel


A Panlantic, the official Panlantic Construction Company vehicle.

It is evident that the Panlantic Construction Company has links with the Cartel, since in both its appearances, it has ties with them in both GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

In GTA Liberty City Stories, the Cartel is shown to have only small connection with Panlantic. It is first evidenced when Cartel men in Cartel Cruisers are hired to escort Avery Carrington to their central when he arrives in Liberty City, later being killed by Leone Family gang member Toni Cipriani. And the next thing is that once Panlantic is constructing a building over the remains of the Forelli Family base in Fort Staunton, several Cartel men are guarding the entrance.

Grand Theft Auto Advance

In GTA Advance, this company ended the Callahan Bridge construction in 2000, and repaired the Staunton Lift Bridge. Also, they are ending the Porter Tunnel construction.

Grand Theft Auto III

In this game, the Cartel have bigger ties with the Panlantic Construction Company. A hangar at Francis International Airport belongs to Panlantic and is guarded by Cartel thugs. Then, Fort Staunton, a district with several Panlantic buildings is Cartel turf. Also, the former site of the Forelli base where Panlantic started building in 1998 is still in the process of being built and is a hideout for several high ranking Cartel members like Miguel and Catalina and a holding site for Cartel prisoners.


Known workers for the Panlantic Corporation:

  • Avery Carrington (1998) - Outside contact for the Panlantic Construction Company, working in Vice City. He was killed by Donald Love and Toni Cipriani in 1998 when he was delivering land plans to the Panlantic in Liberty City.
  • Donald Love (1998–2001) - Operator for Panlantic in Liberty City. He joined the company in 1998 after killing Avery Carrington with the help of Toni Cipriani and used the land plans Avery had to buy his way into Panlantic. In 2001, Love left Panlantic and formed a new real estate company which grew to power in less than a year and became an enemy to Panlantic, the company being Love Media.
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