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Do you remember "The Brothel Creeper?" You do? Wasn't it wonderful?
Do you remember the little attractive slut who stole Malcome Brotherly from Rosemary Heston?
I was that slut! Me! But look at me now!
I'm an old crow... I'm a witch! A hag!
But I've had work done... but let me tell you - none of it worked! It's a cruel business.
— Pamela Drake

Pamela Drake is a fading actress and minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto V as a soapboxer.


She appeared in Solomon Richards first production in 1968 as a scullery maid in Nelson in Naples, implying she slept with his father, David Richards.

She can be found trying to recapture her past glory - trying to attract the attention of movie moguls and the like - by prowling Vinewood's famous Vinewood Boulevard, outside Von Crastenburg Hotel reciting lines from movies and plays she previously appeared in.


If the player speaks with Pamela as Franklin, she mentions a close up that she is about to do, and that the director probably wants to have anal sex with her.

If the player speaks with Pamela as Trevor, he will compliment her "beauty".

If the player speaks with Pamela as Michael, he will recognize her from the movie Nelson in Naples and they will both recite dialogues from the movie.


She is active on Bleeter and makes two posts:

Bleeter GTAVpc PamelaDrake.png
I was in Solomon Richards first Vinewood picture. And I didn‘t even have to debase myself on that grubby casting couch of his. His father on the other hand... Well, that's a different story.

Bleeter GTAVpc PamelaDrake.png
Where are the German Jews pretending to be Mexican, the Mexicans pretending to be Native American, the gays pretending to be straight, and the Reds pretending to be Red White and Blue? What‘s happened to Vinewood?