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The Palomino Freeway (co-signed Interstate 4 and Route 15) is a freeway located in Los Santos CountySan Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Palomino Freeway is a Semi-Standard Freeway that has a total Length of 4.84km (3.00miles) and a speed limit of 60mp/h (96km/h) and a 55mp/h (88km/h) for Trucks and Autos with Trailers. The Freeway begins in Los Santos as an interchange between the Olympic Freeway and the La Puerta Freeway and runs in between the Palomino Highlands and Tataviam Mountains and parallel to Los Santos Freeway before terminating onto the Senora Freeway in Blaine County.

Speed Cameras:

On some parts of the Palomino Freeway signs can be seen with "Speed Enforced By Aircraft" written on them. Nobody has yet seen any suspicious aircraft in the area so for now this theory is not true.


Exit 1 / Sustancia Road

Exit 1 takes you through the middle of the Palomino Highlands past the S.A. State Office and into the East Los Santos. The first signs for Exit 1 can be seen 300 Meters before the exiting then a final sign 100m before the exiting. Exit 1 has a Ramp Speed of 55mp/h (88km/h)

Exit 2 / Senora Way (Interstate 1 North)

Exit 2 takes you down Senora way past the Palmer-Taylor Power Station, RON Alternates Wind Farm and Davis Quartz Quarry into Sandy Shores. Strangely there are no signs for Senora Way on the Palomino Freeway heading North. Exit 2 has a Ramp Speed of 55mp/h (88km/h)


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